Erin: What To Do When You CAN'T FOCUS

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Literally no one is surprised I have a hard time focusing. I generally find when I'm having a hard time focusing it's because I'm procrastinating and having and I DON'T WANTA moment (like literal right now which is why I'm writing this instead of doing the works). Here's what I do when I get in my unfocused mermaid moods: 

  1. MUSIC: I am a HUGE white noise person. If it's silent I cannot get anything done or sleep for that matter. First thing I do is turn on music I know - nothing new, just relatively calm 90's jams if we are being totally honest. Like old school Blink 182. Just so good. 
  2. LISTS: Even if I already have a list of what I need to do, I create a new list breaking down the literal steps I need to take to do them. If i have to create an ads strategy I literally make a list of 1. Create budget 2. Create graphics, etc etc etc. 
  3. SHUT IT DOWN. I literally close every single window on my computer that is not needed. It's so super amazing how right in the middle of editing photos I'm suddenly 6 shirts deep in my GILT cart. It's like I blackout and redid my wardrobe. Gotta shut it down. 
  4. MUTE CASEY. LOL but seriously - not just Casey but everyone. I have to put my peeps on silent otherwise I will reply to each and every one of them instead of doing work. 
  5. GET REAL. Ok when it's really bad and it's live I've done everything I could possibly do but focus, I give myself a pep talk and ask myself WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS. Basically I shame myself into focus. And then I start the list over. 
  6. SUPPLEMENTS: I've been giving Moon Juice Brain Dust a try which is an (overpriced) Ashwagandha and Maca root blend. Can't really say I've noticed a difference but I mean what's the harm. 

Any tips are SUPER DUPES welcome - leave them in the comments!