What We're Reading with Ali K. // May Edition


Dispatches from the Foxhole

Ali K. is a rockstar content creator & manager at one of the top marketing agencies in D.C. & keeps it real with her insane self awareness & vocabulary the size of Montana. She makes us laugh every time she speaks and we want to be her. Check out what she's reading this month (and so are we). 

Remember Ali from episode 14's coaching session? That super duper self aware, overthinking, mega brain of a beauty? She's joining us monthly to tell us what she's reading right now from around the interwebs and on her shelves. 

Welcome to Dispatches from the Foxhole, a weekly roundup of resident fox Ali's favorite articles + things. 

Stories About About To Surpass Feed Sharing. Now What?

This examines what most social media fiends already implicitly understand — Instagram and Facebook Stories are the new newsfeeds, likely because it's more organic and authentic content and/or the fact that it's a click-free way to catch up.

How Anna Delvey Tricked New York's Party People

A fascinating, lurid account of a young scam artist running around with the glitterati of NYC — and even hoodwinking some serious investment banks. 

How Do We Write Now?

For anyone who's an artist, or aspires to call themselves an artist, anyone who struggles to balance the wild wonder of their own creative forces with the incessant drudgery of daily tasks — this lyrical essay will focus you, and remind you how vital it is to protect and harness your energy. 

A Sudsy Summer Reading List

IT'S SUMMER! Put down your self-help and non-fiction for a minute, close Twitter, turn the news off, don't check email, sit outside and disappear into one of these.