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Episode 28: From Side Hustle to Storefront with Mallory Shelter of Mallory Shelter Jewelry

This week we are exploring brick and mortar via the talented and uber cool Mallory Shelter! Mallory Shelter of Mallory Shelter Jewelry and Brief Assembly pop up shop talks to us about her slow grow to success and gets real about trial and error in brick and mortar retail. Hint hint: she has no idea what she was doing when she first dove in to creating pop-up shot Brief Assembly. This episode is a can't miss if you're thinking about going offline and in-stores! Mallory is chockfull of realness, grit and inspiration. 

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Episode 21: The Truth About Striking Out On Your Own: a chat with Caitlin Wechtaluk

This week Casey and Erin talk with another local entrepreneur who struck out on her own at the same time (about a year ago) to get real about what it's like to start your business full time, being the one and only employee and what it's really like to "work from home" and own your own time. We get into lots of great topics (foxholes) along the way. Enjoy!

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Episode 18: Spring Wine & Beauty with Rachel Schneidmill

RACHEL'S BACK!! It's Spring which means it's a whole new season which means we need to change up our wine and beauty because that's how we live. We kick off this week's episode with something fun and different - we're using a random question generator and answering some weird and fun questions you may or may not want to know about us LOL 

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