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Episode 48: Organize Your Life with Rachel Rosenthal

Is one of your New Years Resolutions to get more organized? Or do you just need a little more organization inspiration after binging ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ all weekend? Either way, we got you covered, foxies! Our guest in the Foxhole this week is organizational expert and #bossbabe, Rachel Rosenthal. Rachel founded Rachel Organizes over 10 years ago after she realized her Type A personality had business potential. Shortly after starting her organizing side hustle, Rachel quickly saw the interest and demand for the real deal. Now, she has a whole team (Rachel and Company) dedicated to helping other get their lives organized! Rachel’s passion for her clients is major inspiring and we love her outlook on decluttering the physical AND the mental. She’s super relatable, down to earth, and a ton of fun. Enjoy this one, guys!

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Episode 35: Salt + Sundry CEO & Founder, Amanda McClements

You guys asked for it and we DELIVERED. Our Foxhole interview with Amanda McClements, CEO and Founder of Salt + Sundry and Little Leaf Shop. Amanda was a write for Food + Wine for 15 years before she decided to take the leap into retail opening her first Salt + Sundry shop in Union Market. Amanda's take on business and life is just SO DOWN TO EARTH but still so positive - her perspective is refreshing and inspiring at the same time. Also, don't mind Erin asking her how she gets her teeth so white LOL. This one is GOLD so listen, tell your friends and spread love little foxes. 

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