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Episode 47: The Secret to Post-Holiday Diets with Carlene Thomas

We are SO excited to kick off 2019 with Foxhole-repeater and health guru, Carlene Thomas. With talk of new years resolutions and clean Januarys ever, we asked Carlene to set the record straight on post-Holiday detoxes. She breaks down the pros and cons of popular diets - but really why most of them are just bullsh*t. Don’t worry though, foxies! Carlene has a ton of good tips to help you start your New Year off on a healthier note. From planning your indulgences to using a food journal, we loved all her advice to getting out of that post-Holiday slump without feeling shitty about oursevles. Basically, we all need to stop feeling so guilty and not worry so much! Whatever you do, know that we support you. Except for maybe clean Januarys, we just can’t keep on board that one.

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Episode 46: Slowing Down to GROW BIG with P.S. Snacks Founder and CEO Nikki Azzara

HEY FOXIES! We have a special TREAT (pun intended) for you guys this week. Nikki Azzara of P.S. Snacks is in the Foxhole to talk ALL about her journey in creating the popular bean-based cookie dough, P.S. Snacks. And, yes, it is HEALTHY!

The 26 year-old CEO has always had a passion for healthy food and even started a blog in college where she shared her home-made recipes that are easy enough to make in a dorm room. After graduation and an “a-ha” moment with her dad, Nikki turned her attention towards her most popular recipe: the edible cookie dough. Now, P.S. Snacks is sold in Whole Foods and is scaling to be sold nationwide!

Nikki shares all the ins and outs of her journey so far - from finding support in mentors and advisors to her struggles with "micro-speed and macro-patience" in building a strong infrastructure. She is super down-to-earth, mega inspiring, and - well she made a healthy cookie dough guys, do we need to say more?! ENJOY!

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Episode 42: Running the Wellthy Empire with Shizu Okusa, CEO + Founder of JRINK Juicery

This week, we talk to Shizu Okusa, Founder + CEO of JRINK Juicery, a juicery that has been booming in Washington D.C. since 2014. After an Eat, Pray, Love-type experience, Shizu was inspired by all the different ways to incorporate wellness into your everyday life and JRINK was eventually born. Now, the brand has evolved to cover all your wellness needs with the opening of their sister company, Apothékary. JRINK focuses on reactionary health - think: I am hungover and so need the ‘Clean Me Up’ right now. Apothékary is more about proactive wellness and covers anything from mental health to sexual health. Shizu talks about the journey of the brand, the challenge of finding her niche, and how she’s been able to define her business in an ever-changing health and wellness industry. Plus, Shizu introduces us to the Dosha quiz, a personality test to help you identify what wellness strides are best for you - and we ALL know how we’re suckers for a good personality quiz.

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Episode 37: WHAT'S IN YOUR VITAMIN?! Redefining the Vitamin with Sara Cullen, CEO & Founder of GEM

In this week's episode Casey is super, awkwardly pregnant and Erin rants about why Zika is still a real thing (I mean DUH). But more importantly, we talk to Sara Cullen, the CEO & Founder of GEM, she is redefining the vitamin with daily real food bites. Sara tells us about her journey to wellness, what it was like to start her second business, her INSANELY interested perspective on life and how she built community around GEM before she even launched, so genius. Sara's interview is interesting, inspiring and out favorite, REAL. Enjoy foxes! 

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Episode 31: A New Lease on Life & Beauty: An Interview with Indie Lee, founder of Indie Lee

Prepare to be blown away this week by our interview with Indie Lee, creator and founder of Indie Lee and eco-chic beauty care line. In 2008, Indie (who then went by Lisa) was diagnosed with a brain tumor and given six months to live. Her perspective and honesty is inspiring and so beautiful. When we weren't laughing with Indie, we had chills. The insight and motivation you'll get from this episode is UNREAL and we are so excited to help Indie tell her story so you can gain her wisdom. Enjoy! 

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Episode 30: The Importance of Exercise and Mindset with Dr. Megan Brown

This week we talk with Dr. Megan Brown, a certified, "retired" Physical Therapist and Pilates studio owner of Mind the Mat in Alexandria and Arlington, VA. Casey and Erin ask questions about, you guessed it, getting older and our bods and Megan addresses how to take care of your body in your 30s to prevent pain in your 40s SO LISTEN UP FOXES. We also talk the usual random shit like stripper names, chicken nuggets and beach cocktails. Enjoy this episode - Dr. Megan Brown is as amazing and inspiring as she is funny. 

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Episode 26: Thinking Longterm Business Strategy: LIVE Coaching Session #4 with Katie Marshall

LIVE COACHING SESSION #4!! Katie Marshall of Katie Marshal Wellness came to us this Spring to be on DTFH to chat about how to take her business to the next level. We cover everything from scaling, moving your business across the country, preparing for baby (!) and focusing on the longterm of business to figure out the short term steps and goals to there. We also spend about 5 minutes too long talking about bagels and some other random goodness. Enjoy!

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Episode 16: Carlene Thomas, RDN of Healthfully Ever After Cuts Through the Bullshit of Crazy Health Trends

This episode is going to knock your socks off. Carlene Thomas RDN of Healthfully Ever After is one of the most interesting humans ever she is a Registered Dietitian, met her husband in 4th grade, her first job was an archery instructor and she not only KNOWS food but really, really LOVES it.

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