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Episode 48: Organize Your Life with Rachel Rosenthal

Is one of your New Years Resolutions to get more organized? Or do you just need a little more organization inspiration after binging ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ all weekend? Either way, we got you covered, foxies! Our guest in the Foxhole this week is organizational expert and #bossbabe, Rachel Rosenthal. Rachel founded Rachel Organizes over 10 years ago after she realized her Type A personality had business potential. Shortly after starting her organizing side hustle, Rachel quickly saw the interest and demand for the real deal. Now, she has a whole team (Rachel and Company) dedicated to helping other get their lives organized! Rachel’s passion for her clients is major inspiring and we love her outlook on decluttering the physical AND the mental. She’s super relatable, down to earth, and a ton of fun. Enjoy this one, guys!

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FOX BYTE #2: Community and Competition

This week's little FOX BYTE is near and dear to our hearts - we talk about community and competition and how to really gut check yourself to make sure you're promoting collaboration. It's easy to throw a hashtag in your post saying #communityovercompetition but it's another thing to embody that idea. We've run into some SUPER not supportive people since starting our businesses, as well as some AMAZINGLY collaborative people as well. Here's our take on what we've learned. 

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Episode 45: Turning Passion into Profit with Nycci Nellis, The Ultimate Foodie & Multimedia Maven

Happy Monday, Foxies! We are trying something new here and are going to be posting our new episodes on MONDAYS. What better way to start your week than with us?! We thought so too.

This week, we are super excited because we have Food Critic and Journalist, Nycci Nellis, in the Foxhole! What started out as an idea 15 years ago, has now turned into a multi-media operation that covers all things food, wine, and entertaining in the greater D.C. area. Her pre-blog website,, now has over 40,000 subscribers and covers everything from restaurant openings, industry events, local buzz, and what next best things are coming to the District. I know, we are starting to get hungry too. 

D.C.’s OG Foodie tells us all about her journey and how she “stumbled” upon her dream job. From finding support in her local community to struggling to change with social media, Nycci gets totally authentic! P.S. She also gets real about  her skincare, and if you can’t tell by that photo up there, you DON'T want to miss that. Enjoy!

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DC’s OG Foodie tells us all about her journey and how she “stumbled” upon her dream job. From finding support in her local community to struggling to change with social media, Nycci gets totally authentic! P.S. She also gets real about  her skincare, and if you can’t tell by that photo up there, you DON'T want to miss that. Enjoy!

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FOX BYTE #1: How to Ask Someone to Coffee

It's our first FOX BYTE! In addition to bringing you awesome interviews with amazing women, Erin and Casey will be chiming in with topics as they come up in our little brains. This week's mini-episode is focused all around the semi-controversial "Can I take you to coffee?" question, how to best approach the ask, what do when someone says yes and just how important the follow up is. Before going the entrepreneur route, Erin and Casey worked in the PR world where they networked their little fox tails off so they know their stuff. Enjoy this FOX BYTE. 

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Episode 44: Give THE BEST Gifts this Holiday Season, a Conversation with Secretly Gifting Co-Founders, Ashley Bronczek and Candace Ourisman

'TIS THE SEASON FOXIES. And SURPRISE we are releasing this very special episode with the incredible co-founders of Secretly Gifting on a Monday so you can download and listen while you travel (or chill at home waiting for dinner guests) for Thanksgiving so you are ready to gift the very best to your loved ones this holiday season. Of course, Ashley and Candace have way more to offer than just gifting tips (think how to thoughtfully give a gift card, how to gift to your cool BFF who has everything) they turned their passion into a thriving business in less than two years and we were left all kinds of inspired. PLUS, they are super cool, funny and down to earth and we want to be them when we grow up. Enjoy this gem.

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Episode 42: Running the Wellthy Empire with Shizu Okusa, CEO + Founder of JRINK Juicery

This week, we talk to Shizu Okusa, Founder + CEO of JRINK Juicery, a juicery that has been booming in Washington D.C. since 2014. After an Eat, Pray, Love-type experience, Shizu was inspired by all the different ways to incorporate wellness into your everyday life and JRINK was eventually born. Now, the brand has evolved to cover all your wellness needs with the opening of their sister company, Apothékary. JRINK focuses on reactionary health - think: I am hungover and so need the ‘Clean Me Up’ right now. Apothékary is more about proactive wellness and covers anything from mental health to sexual health. Shizu talks about the journey of the brand, the challenge of finding her niche, and how she’s been able to define her business in an ever-changing health and wellness industry. Plus, Shizu introduces us to the Dosha quiz, a personality test to help you identify what wellness strides are best for you - and we ALL know how we’re suckers for a good personality quiz.

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Episode 36: The One Thing to Ask Your Network with Rachel Silver, CEO & Founder of LoveStoriesTV

This week we're talking to Rachel Silver, CEO and Founder of LoveStoriesTV about how she started her business, raised funds and built her team. Rachel talks about the unique and underestimated value of tapping into your network. We also talk to Rachel about LoveStoriesTV's marketing and partnership strategies and why sometimes it's better to jump and figure it out on the way down than get stuck in over planning and preparing.

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Episode 31: A New Lease on Life & Beauty: An Interview with Indie Lee, founder of Indie Lee

Prepare to be blown away this week by our interview with Indie Lee, creator and founder of Indie Lee and eco-chic beauty care line. In 2008, Indie (who then went by Lisa) was diagnosed with a brain tumor and given six months to live. Her perspective and honesty is inspiring and so beautiful. When we weren't laughing with Indie, we had chills. The insight and motivation you'll get from this episode is UNREAL and we are so excited to help Indie tell her story so you can gain her wisdom. Enjoy! 

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Episode 29: Ashli Stockton CEO of Leisure of Sunday Forever: WE CAN HAVE NICE THINGS!

This episode, our interview with Ashli Stockton, Founder and CEO of Leisure of Sunday Forever is a MUST LISTEN. We talk about Barbara Walters, ironing dollar bills, swallowing frogs (yes, you read that right) and baby animal accounts. If we haven't convinced you yet to hole up with some coffee (or wine!) and listen to this episode, Ashli drops all kinds of wisdom gold on what it REALLY takes to start your own brand, how a Sunday at 6 o'clock inspired it all and why we can ALL have NICE THINGS. 

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Episode 27: Laying Down the Law with Ashlee Hightower of Contracts for Creatives

This week we are getting serious, lawyer serious. Just kidding, kind of. In this episode we chat with Ashlee Hightower owner of Contracts for Creatives and the style blog Cobalt Chronicles to talk about taking her side hustle full time and Ashlee gets real with where most creative slip up in their contracts. Erin and Casey both chat with Ashlee about real life legal and contract issues they've had come up in the past few months

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Episode 19: The Journey to Doing What You LOVE with Iz Harris

Today's episode with Iz Harris is off the CHARTZ party people. Our conversation with the amazing YouTube videographer spans from singing for tips at Coldstone Ice Cream, to equal pay, to why drinking water and nice PJs TOTALLY COUNT when it comes to self-case and SO MUCH MORE.

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