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Episode 38: REAL LIFE Dermatologist Dr. Lucey is BACK! Fall/Winter Skincare, Micro-needling, Dermaplaning and Probiotics for Your Face

Back by popular demand, Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Patricia Lucey is BACK to talk about fall and winter skincare, the working mom life, her newest celebrity crush and obvsiouly so much more. We ask Dr. Lucey what is microneedling and who should get it, what the heck is dermaplaning, what are the best cosmetic treatments to get during the fall/winter and she explains why ingesting collagen might not be all it's cracked up to be.

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Episode 24: REAL LIFE Dermatologist Dr. Lucey Gets Real on Sun Safety and Botox

Just in time for SUMMER, Erin and Casey sit down with Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Patricia Lucey to talk about sun safety, botox, laser treatments, adult acne and so much more. Dr. Lucey works at the Tamjidi Skin Institute and INOVA Melanoma Center. We love Dr. Lucey because she's super smart but keeps it REAL REAL about skincare and staying safe in the upcoming summer months. Also because Botox. This episode is JAM PACKED with so much information - we are so excited to share this content with you guys! 

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