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Episode 26: Thinking Longterm Business Strategy: LIVE Coaching Session #4 with Katie Marshall

LIVE COACHING SESSION #4!! Katie Marshall of Katie Marshal Wellness came to us this Spring to be on DTFH to chat about how to take her business to the next level. We cover everything from scaling, moving your business across the country, preparing for baby (!) and focusing on the longterm of business to figure out the short term steps and goals to there. We also spend about 5 minutes too long talking about bagels and some other random goodness. Enjoy!

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Episode 25: To Scale or Not to Scale? A Conversation with Two Badass Business Women

EPISODE 25!! Today we talk with Tori of Circa Designs and Amanda of Grade A Fresh Marketing on their decisions to scale and not to scale and what they like about scaling and not scaling. This episode is CHOCKFULL of goodness especially if you've been weighing on the whole scaling thing for awhile. Both Tori and Amanda are rockstar business women, you'll get great insights from this episode even if you aren't a point where scaling is on your mind. 

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Episode 21: The Truth About Striking Out On Your Own: a chat with Caitlin Wechtaluk

This week Casey and Erin talk with another local entrepreneur who struck out on her own at the same time (about a year ago) to get real about what it's like to start your business full time, being the one and only employee and what it's really like to "work from home" and own your own time. We get into lots of great topics (foxholes) along the way. Enjoy!

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Episode 19: The Journey to Doing What You LOVE with Iz Harris

Today's episode with Iz Harris is off the CHARTZ party people. Our conversation with the amazing YouTube videographer spans from singing for tips at Coldstone Ice Cream, to equal pay, to why drinking water and nice PJs TOTALLY COUNT when it comes to self-case and SO MUCH MORE.

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Episode 15: Making Things & Taking Chance with Holley Simmons, Co-Founder of The Lemon Collective

Holley was a journalist at The Washington Post and took her terrarium making side hustle full time in 2015. She is equal parts hilarious and interesting. We talk about what plants to grow in your bathroom, why Holley hates sleep, adventures at The Jersey Shore, consulting your future 80 year old self and SO. MUCH. MORE. 

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Episode 14: Get Out of Your Own Head - LIVE Coaching Session #2 with Ali K.

It's our second LIVE coaching session! Erin and Casey sit down with Ali and get into some personal thangs to try and help Ali get our of her own beautiful little head. We talk about why societal timelines and deadlines are BULLSHIT (i.e. get married, buy a house, have a kid by 30, etc.), whether or not you can learn entrepreneurial tendencies, why dark days strengthen your optimisim muscles and literally SO MUCH MORE. 

If you want to be our next Live Coaching Session - go to our website to apply!

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