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Episode 45: Turning Passion into Profit with Nycci Nellis, The Ultimate Foodie & Multimedia Maven

Happy Monday, Foxies! We are trying something new here and are going to be posting our new episodes on MONDAYS. What better way to start your week than with us?! We thought so too.

This week, we are super excited because we have Food Critic and Journalist, Nycci Nellis, in the Foxhole! What started out as an idea 15 years ago, has now turned into a multi-media operation that covers all things food, wine, and entertaining in the greater D.C. area. Her pre-blog website,, now has over 40,000 subscribers and covers everything from restaurant openings, industry events, local buzz, and what next best things are coming to the District. I know, we are starting to get hungry too. 

D.C.’s OG Foodie tells us all about her journey and how she “stumbled” upon her dream job. From finding support in her local community to struggling to change with social media, Nycci gets totally authentic! P.S. She also gets real about  her skincare, and if you can’t tell by that photo up there, you DON'T want to miss that. Enjoy!

P.S.S. Our REVIEWS CONTEST is running until December 20th. Give us some love on iTunes and we'll love you right back with a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card. Winner will be announced on our Instagram December 21st!

DC’s OG Foodie tells us all about her journey and how she “stumbled” upon her dream job. From finding support in her local community to struggling to change with social media, Nycci gets totally authentic! P.S. She also gets real about  her skincare, and if you can’t tell by that photo up there, you DON'T want to miss that. Enjoy!

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FOX BYTE #1: How to Ask Someone to Coffee

It's our first FOX BYTE! In addition to bringing you awesome interviews with amazing women, Erin and Casey will be chiming in with topics as they come up in our little brains. This week's mini-episode is focused all around the semi-controversial "Can I take you to coffee?" question, how to best approach the ask, what do when someone says yes and just how important the follow up is. Before going the entrepreneur route, Erin and Casey worked in the PR world where they networked their little fox tails off so they know their stuff. Enjoy this FOX BYTE. 

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Episode 43: Accidental Beauty Expert | Becky Waddell, Founder of Take Care

We are so excited about this week’s guest you guys! Becky Waddell, Founder + CEO of Take Care Shop, is just an absolute gem and her journey is starting the natural beauty shop is so inspiring. Plus, Casey came prepared and got to ask Becky, who is a new mom herself, a ton of great questions - from beauty products for pregnant woman to balancing her business as a new mom. As always, we get personal and we are super grateful that Becky did too! Becky gets real about beauty trends (see Spencer Pratt’s instagram for a hint), how she manages stress, and how she deals with being the ‘face’ of her company while also being an introvert. Get ready for some serious words of wisdom!

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Episode 40: Disrupting an Industry with Nicole Gibbons, CEO + Founder of Clare Paint

This week in the Foxhole, we sit down with Nicole Gibbons, interior designer and founder of Clare, an innovative company challenging the status quo of paint. Rachel’s journey is inspiring, motivating, and colorful. We talk about the logistics of starting your own business, the emotional stress that can come along with that, and how “an idea, a dream, and a whole lot of hustle” can get you where you want to be.

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Episode 39: Going ALL IN on Your Dreams with IVY WILD CEO + FOUNDER, Rachel Mulcahy

This week we chat in person with Rachel Mulcahy, CEO + Founder of Ivy Wild Beauty, non-toxic beauty retail store located in Washington D.C.'s Manhattan Laundry building. Rachel's story and perspective on starting her business is refreshing, humble and super practical. We talk about the emotional and mental lead up to leaving the cushy corporate world, Rachel talks about why she skipped the side hustle and went all in on Ivy Wild, our reoccuring feelings about cutting out toxic people comes up and LOTS more. 

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Episode 38: REAL LIFE Dermatologist Dr. Lucey is BACK! Fall/Winter Skincare, Micro-needling, Dermaplaning and Probiotics for Your Face

Back by popular demand, Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Patricia Lucey is BACK to talk about fall and winter skincare, the working mom life, her newest celebrity crush and obvsiouly so much more. We ask Dr. Lucey what is microneedling and who should get it, what the heck is dermaplaning, what are the best cosmetic treatments to get during the fall/winter and she explains why ingesting collagen might not be all it's cracked up to be.

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Episode 37: WHAT'S IN YOUR VITAMIN?! Redefining the Vitamin with Sara Cullen, CEO & Founder of GEM

In this week's episode Casey is super, awkwardly pregnant and Erin rants about why Zika is still a real thing (I mean DUH). But more importantly, we talk to Sara Cullen, the CEO & Founder of GEM, she is redefining the vitamin with daily real food bites. Sara tells us about her journey to wellness, what it was like to start her second business, her INSANELY interested perspective on life and how she built community around GEM before she even launched, so genius. Sara's interview is interesting, inspiring and out favorite, REAL. Enjoy foxes! 

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Episode 36: The One Thing to Ask Your Network with Rachel Silver, CEO & Founder of LoveStoriesTV

This week we're talking to Rachel Silver, CEO and Founder of LoveStoriesTV about how she started her business, raised funds and built her team. Rachel talks about the unique and underestimated value of tapping into your network. We also talk to Rachel about LoveStoriesTV's marketing and partnership strategies and why sometimes it's better to jump and figure it out on the way down than get stuck in over planning and preparing.

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Episode 33: Take Your Business to the Next Level with Florist Brenna Reppert - LIVE Coaching Session

We're back recording after TWO WHOLE MONTHS with a really awesome live coaching session with Brenna Reppert, the florist behind Thistle & Lace Florals. Of course we talk about non-sensical things like butt sweat and overalls for pregnancy but really this episode cover SO MUCH for side hustle entrepreneurs or even entrepreneurs in their first few years of business.

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Episode 32: Starting a Company from Scratch with Fashion Blogger Julien Garman

FOXES get ready for a super fun episode! This week we talk with Julien Garmen, of It's Julien and Aperture Coffee Roasters. Her newest venture with her husband has led her to follow another passion of her - coffee, not to mention she's one of the OGs of the fashion blogging world. Plus, she's a new mama to an adorable newborn now! Talk about turning passions into your work and designing your life. She's got some serious hustle, plus she's just plain fun to be around. Plus, that dress. Check it out - let us know what you think! Xx, Casey + Erin 

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Episode 30: The Importance of Exercise and Mindset with Dr. Megan Brown

This week we talk with Dr. Megan Brown, a certified, "retired" Physical Therapist and Pilates studio owner of Mind the Mat in Alexandria and Arlington, VA. Casey and Erin ask questions about, you guessed it, getting older and our bods and Megan addresses how to take care of your body in your 30s to prevent pain in your 40s SO LISTEN UP FOXES. We also talk the usual random shit like stripper names, chicken nuggets and beach cocktails. Enjoy this episode - Dr. Megan Brown is as amazing and inspiring as she is funny. 

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Episode 29: Ashli Stockton CEO of Leisure of Sunday Forever: WE CAN HAVE NICE THINGS!

This episode, our interview with Ashli Stockton, Founder and CEO of Leisure of Sunday Forever is a MUST LISTEN. We talk about Barbara Walters, ironing dollar bills, swallowing frogs (yes, you read that right) and baby animal accounts. If we haven't convinced you yet to hole up with some coffee (or wine!) and listen to this episode, Ashli drops all kinds of wisdom gold on what it REALLY takes to start your own brand, how a Sunday at 6 o'clock inspired it all and why we can ALL have NICE THINGS. 

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