Episode 47: The Secret to Post-Holiday Diets with Carlene Thomas


HAPPY 2019 FOXIES! We hope you all had a well-rested Holiday break and are ready to get back at it. Here's to clean slates, fresh goals, and even bigger dreams in 2019!

But, first, a  V IMPORTANT update...

CASEY IS A MOMMA! Margaux Jane graced us all with her presence on Dec. 22. We could not be more excited for the growing Taylor gang!

Margaux Jane Taylor

December 22, 2018

Now back to our regularly scheduled program:

We are SO excited to kick off 2019 with Foxhole-repeater and health guru, Carlene Thomas. With talk of new years resolutions and clean Januarys ever, we asked Carlene to set the record straight on post-Holiday detoxes. She breaks down the pros and cons of popular diets - but really why most of them are just bullsh*t. Don’t worry though, foxies! Carlene has a ton of good tips to help you start your New Year off on a healthier note. From planning your indulgences to using a food journal, we loved all her advice to getting out of that post-Holiday slump without feeling shitty about ourselves. Basically, we all need to stop feeling so guilty and not worry so much! Whatever you do, know that we support you. Except for maybe clean Januarys, we just can’t keep on board that one.

Get To Know Carlene:

Biggest Celebrity Crush?

Chrissy Teigen and Emma Watson.

What Was Your First Concert?

Either Yo-Yo Ma (a famous cellist) or Earth, Wind, and Fire.

What Are You Reading?

Lately into Fairytales retold, but murder mysteries are usually the go-to.

Do You Have Any Podcast Recommendations?

My Favorite Murder!

What is Always in Your Bag?

Chapstick and Snacks.