Episode 12: Exhausting the Grit, Living in the Grace with Laura Ritchie of Grit and Grace Inc.

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This episode is STRAIGHT UP GOLD AND FUN! We chat about so many great things like how there is a piece of the pie for everyone, why staying true to you is SO important in a saturated market and how weaving yourself into your business can seriously pay off - as in actual client bookings. We go down foxholes such as Erin's 5 minute sorority life, Bill Bellichick's sleeveless sweatshirt and the time Erin mistook Danny Devito for Robert Dinero on a red carpet. 

Casey's things:

  • Night Pillow

  • Taylor Swift Playlist

Erin's things:

  • White Noise App

  • LL Bean Boots

  • Bling on a String

  • Commonwealth Joe Coffee

Laura's things:

  • Old Navy $2 Booties

  • A Color Story and A Design Kit

  • The Hamptons!

  • Z Supply Camo Weekender Shirt