Episode 42: Running the Wellthy Empire with Shizu Okusa, CEO + Founder of JRINK Juicery


This week, we talk to Shizu Okusa, Founder + CEO of JRINK Juicery, a juicery that has been booming in Washington D.C. since 2014. After an Eat, Pray, Love-type experience, Shizu was inspired by all the different ways to incorporate wellness into your everyday life and JRINK was eventually born. Now, the brand has evolved to cover all your wellness needs with the opening of their sister company, Apothékary. JRINK focuses on reactionary health - think: I am hungover and so need the ‘Clean Me Up’ right now. Apothékary is more about proactive wellness and covers anything from mental health to sexual health. Shizu talks about the journey of the brand, the challenge of finding her niche, and how she’s been able to define her business in an ever-changing health and wellness industry. Plus, Shizu introduces us to the Dosha quiz, a personality test to help you identify what wellness strides are best for you - and we ALL know how we’re suckers for a good personality quiz.

Shizu has also been nice enough to share a promo code for you foxes! Get 10% off with the the code FOXHOLEJRINK when shopping at JRINK Juicery now through 11/11.

Favorite Things:

Erin is trying to work more natural beauty products into her daily routine and is testing out natural deodorants with Take Care Shop’s Deodorant Starter Kit.

Casey has been trying out new ways to help her sleep and has been getting more rest by leaving her phone in the other room before bed. Anyone else have any tips?

The Clockify App has been super useful as Casey and Erin have recently added a new member, Alysse, to the Foxhole team! It’s free, easy, and helps us all keep track of time.

All 3 of us are super into this Dosha personality quiz. You can take one here! Love quizzes as much as we do? Take the JRINK quiz to see what juice is right for you.