Episode 43: Accidental Beauty Expert | Becky Waddell, Founder of Take Care


We are so excited about this week’s guest you guys! Becky Waddell, Founder + CEO of Take Care Shop, is just an absolute gem and her journey starting the natural beauty shop is one we think everyone can identify with. She opened one of DC’s biggest shopping destinations AT THE SAME TIME as having a baby - proving that there’s really no such thing as a GOOD TIME to chase your dreams. Casey came prepared and got to ask Becky, who is a new mom herself, a ton of great questions - from beauty products for pregnant woman to balancing her business as a new mom. As always, we get personal and we are super grateful that Becky did too! Becky gets real about beauty trends, how she manages stress, and how she deals with being the ‘face’ of her company while also being an introvert. Oh and Erin’s very real obsession with Spencer Pratt aka The Crystal King is pretty inspiring too (see Spencer Pratt’s instagram for a hint). Get ready for some serious words of wisdom!

Plus, Becky has been kind enough to give all you foxes a little gift from the shop! Just mention the podcast when checking out at the Take Care Georgetown location or in the notes when checking out at takecareshopdc.com to get a free Deluxe Fall Sample Bag with any purchase! The offer is valid through Nov. 30th.

Becky’s Favorite Things:

Earthwise Beauty products - especially the Yasuni Face Balm and the Nap in the Meadow Face Serum.

Nutpods - a dairy free coffee creamer that tastes like the real deal. It’s also vegan and paleo friendly!

And, adorably yet so necessarily: compassion.