Episode 40: Disrupting an Industry with Nicole Gibbons, CEO + Founder of Clare Paint


This week on Down the Foxhole, we chat with the super inspiring Nicole Gibbons. Nicole’s journey is an interesting one in that she’s had a few different careers before starting her own company. She was the Director of International PR at Victoria's Secret, a correspondent for HGTV and was an interior designer for years before her brilliant idea to start CLARE. Clare is disrupting the paint industry with a mission to make paint shopping easier and more inspiring, so you can create a home you love. Nicole went ALL IN on her dream and even put her other businesses (and her income!) on hold to focus all her energy into raising funds, building a team as a stealth company and creating an insanely buzzworthy launch. Nicole raised $2M in Clare’s first year and has some big believers behind her and a big work ethic to match. We talk to her about the logistics and hardships of starting your own business, where to turn to for inspiration and why investing in some comfort food can go a long way. ENJOY THIS EPISODE FOXES.


Casey is still on the bronchitis struggle bus and her Daria impression is on point.

Erin’s house hunt is still on, but John Mayer’s IG TV is making up for it.

Nicole just moved herself! Of course, it’s freshly painted.


Both Erin and Casey met with Mimi Miller, our guest on next week’s episode, and are officially obsessed. Tune in next week for all the deets!

Erin is making the move to all-natural nail polish and loved trying out AILA Nail Lacquers this week.

Nicole finds solace in her morning ritual - from taking the time to make her bed to gratitude journaling with Five Minute Journal app.

Insecure on HBO because DUH.

Making meals easy with programs or apps like Daily Harvest and Meal Pal.