Down the Foxhole

Once upon a time, two little foxes dreamed of having their own talk show and then realized it was 2017 and they could just record themselves and put that shit on the interwebs! 

But really, after meeting and working together for just over a year at a beauty retail company Casey and Erin became fast friends and both left the corporate world in June 2017 to pursue their passions. 

Both Casey and Erin have a strong passion for helping others realize their potential and encouraging them to LIVE THEIR BEST LIVES and that's our overall goal here at DTFH. 

We hope we can inspire and give permission to our listeners to start that business, keep working towards their dreams or totally switch gears and take the big risks to reap the big rewards. 



Casey's got a reputation for mermaid hair and throwing rules out the window. Always taking the road less traveled she left her corporate salary and took her six month old wedding photography business full-time in June 2017 and never looked back. Before taking her side hustle to full-time she spent 7+ years working in beauty PR, social media and digital marketing for brands like Victoria's Secret, Birchbox and most recently, Bluemercury. She's happiest by the ocean, lives in jeans & tees, sunscreen obsessed, connoisseur of cheese & singer to dogs all over the world. Married to an Australian. Dog mawm to two rescue pups. Scorpio. INTP. Find Casey on Instagram @caseycrowetaylor and on her site:



Erin's been hustling the hustlers since she was a kid proudly represents gingers worldwide. She's a content marketing expert & started Local Grit Marketing in 2014, taking it full-time in 2017 after 2 years as the Director of Content Marketing at Bluemercury, a national beauty retailer. She's got 10+ years of agency experience working with clients like Walt Disney Studios, ABC Family, Durex, Sassoon & many others. She's a lifestyle & brand photographer and has a moderately unhealthy obsession with storytelling & grammar. She lacks boundaries & asks too many questions, but loves people, pups and prosecco (also: alliterations) with excessive amounts of enthusiasm. Sagittarius. ENFP. Find Erin on Instagram @erinfabio and on her site